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The Anti aging Lattice and Fractional Thermage Machine 

Cutting edge technology the  Fractional radiofrequency thermage device can :

Skin tighten, retone loose skin after weight loss, it can reduce fatty areas and tighten, use on the whole body in conjunction with the LPG Cavitation Liposuction machine.

Uses Ultra sound, Multi polar radiofrequency which reduces cellulite and improves the body contour.

Ultrasound Waves produce a mechanical vibration of the fatty tissue, which breaks down cellulite and increases circulation, it also has an anti inflammatory and regenerative effect on the skin.

Cavitation vibrates deep into the fat layer of the skin eliminating and produces the crackling effect on fat which melts away dissolving into free fatty acids and eliminated by the body naturally and combination of the liposuction effect helps to drain the body.

The combination of Thermal Fractional Radio frequency with the LPG 40K Cavitation Slimming Machine can help you both lose excess fatty tissue and tone loose skin. 

  • Thermage and Cavitation will give the results you want.
  • Body will be measured and areas targeted.
  • Photographs before and after slimming and toning and diet help.

Please Contact to discuss a plan of treatment, prices will vary dependant on areas to be treated and the time. I do however try to keep all my prices as low as possible so there is accessabilty for all .

Prices for one or two areas ie bottom and thighs - 1 hour : 40,00€



Elizabeth McCabe is a fully trained beautician, massage therapist, reflexologist and acupuncturist. She offers a wide range of treatments to leave you looking and feeling your very best.