Massage relaxes, invigorates and promotes general good health and well being. Aromatherapy oils are used which also helps relaxation.

A vigorous massage promotes lymphatic drainage and body detoxification as well as relaxing over exercised muscles, helps move lactic acid from prone areas.

Skin tone and muscle tone can be enhanced and womens cellulite decreased with regular massage.


Fleur de Lotus massages include:

Full body massage using oils to suit your need and skin

90 minutes: 48,00€

Full body detoxification massage.

A vigorous massage concentrating on lymphatic drainage and the reduction of lactic acid concentration in muscles.

This massage creates a well toned skin and a thoroughly cleansed sensation.

 90 minutes : 55,00€

Back massage

45 minutes: 34,00€

Head, neck and shoulder

45 minutes: 34,00€

Full body cleanse exfoliate massage and mask

120 minutes : 64,00€

Elizabeth McCabe is a fully trained beautician, massage therapist, reflexologist and acupuncturist. She offers a wide range of treatments to leave you looking and feeling your very best.